(An Analysis of Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians)

There can be no arguing the fact that Dispensationalism has been the predominant ‘system’ of biblical interpretation throughout much of the church in the past century.  Both Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism have been influenced and infiltrated by this relatively new way of viewing Scripture; and this to such an extent that most fundamental churches today equate the dispensationalistic method of ‘dividing the word of God’ with orthodoxy.  A Christian who does not believe, or even entertains doubts of this historic novelty is considered heretical at worst, and hopelessly ignorant of ‘truth’ at best!  It is no longer the Divine Truth we are called to contend for, but the Divided Truth.  No longer is the Bible to be viewed as one, seamless revelation by God of Himself to man, but a series of revelations, each marked out and clearly ‘divided’ from the others, even though dispensational teachers are not so clear themselves, nor are they agreed on some of those ‘divisions’. ...continue reading