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The scientific world has long been embroiled over the question of origins. How did it all start? What event put this universe and all its vastness and complexity into existence? Where did we come from? How did we get here?

There are really only two explanations. One is that the whole universe in all its amazing complexity gives ample evidence of “Intelligent Design” in every aspect of its creation, from astronomy to the structure of the living cell. The other is that this universe is the product of mere time and chance in which all matter and space as we know it came into being. It theorizes that life came from non-life, with random, non-directed chance mutations evolving into the infinite, beautiful and complex arrangement of living things that we see around us today. This theory is, of course commonly called “Darwinian Evolution”.

It is easy to see that there is no middle ground between the two views, and historically, Christian churches have held to the biblical record of special creation by an all-wise God. He designed and then created “all things [out] of nothing, by the word of His power, in the space of six days, and all very good” (to use the words of our Reformed Baptist Shorter Catechism).

But sadly, many evangelical churches and church leaders have compromised on this matter where there is no need to do so[1], and where compromise is nothing less than a deadly attack on both the gospel and Jesus Christ.[2]  ...continue reading