The Christian Response to Muslims

More and more, I find I am on the receiving end of emails from (I have to believe) well-meaning Christians who want to warn me of the dangers of Islam. While I cannot say for sure why these letters are becoming more frequent and more militant in tone, I must say that my soul grieves for those who view Muslims only through a political lens. Why? Because the problem with that is if that is the only way you view Muslims, then that will likely end up being the way in which you will view any effort at countering them.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I would find sharia law acceptable or that our own laws should be changed to accommodate the various and sundry demands of Muslims who would like to not just live here, but import their religious standards and impose them upon my country. But I am deeply concerned that most Christians simply view Muslims as a ‘threat’, and rarely, if ever see them as a fertile mission field for evangelism with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Much of what is written under the guise of ‘concern’ about our freedoms, values and customs is really not concern as much as it is fear. I believe many Christians live in fear of Islam. Why should this be? Doesn’t the Bible teach us that this is not God’s will for His people? Paul, writing to Timothy in the 1st century, when persecution against the fledgling Christian church was coming from both the Christ-rejecting Jews and the power of the Roman state reminded his young friend that,

God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)

That “spirit of fear” is not from God! And if ever there was a time that Christians could have said they had every reason to live in fear, it was during those horrific days of persecution when martyrdom was a very common occurrence.

But what is even more illuminating for us is what the apostle had to say following that declaration. He went on to encourage Timothy to be even bolder in his testimony for Christ and unashamed of those who were serving the Lord and suffering in their service. Not only that, but Timothy was exhorted to be a “partaker of the afflictions of the gospel”; not in his own strength, but “according to the power of God”. Here is the verse:

Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God; (2 Tim 1:8).

We see the scenes of atrocities committed against Christians and for many, the response is to react in uncontrolled anger, withdraw from the situation, circle the wagons or run for the hills. None of these are acceptable responses for the followers of Christ.

What must we do? I would say that the response of the Christian church to a militant and ever-expanding Muslim influence is no different than it was when our 1st century forefathers faced the imperial might of Rome and the hatred of Judaistic leaders who willfully put our Saviour on the cross and mocked Him while He suffered there. We must go forth in obedience to Christ, the King and only Head of His church and “preach the gospel to every creature (person)”. Need I remind you there is no fine print following that great commission. Muslims are included as well as followers of every other religion, atheists, agnostics and everyone else.

A friend of mine has taken a very different approach to the influx of Muslims in his area. He reached out to them, letting the love of God shine through his deeds and words, and touches them with the words of the gospel. He embraces them, not as representatives of another faith that stands on equal footing with that of Christianity, but as poor sin-blinded souls who need to know their status before God and their need of salvation that can only come through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. He invites them over and they reciprocate by inviting his family to visit them. And all the while, his focus stays on being a good servant of Jesus Christ and bringing the gospel to them.

This is how we must deal with the Muslim. This is how we must deal with all who are outside of Jesus Christ. Not fearfully demanding the government “do something” (whatever that means), but earnestly, fervently, faithfully confessing Christ to them and showing a love for their souls that goes beyond a selfish pursuit of self-protection and isolation that really is saying we are willing to go to heaven ourselves while we let those around us continue in their ways and go to hell.

Do you have unsaved neighbours living on your street? Are any of those families adherents of the Muslim religion? Let me ask you this: have you prayed for them? Have you ever gone before God in serious prayer and asked the Lord to give you a love for their souls and the strength and wisdom to reach out to them with the gospel of salvation?

If you do, you will find it will accomplish two things: First, it will fill your heart with love for God and love for sinners who need the gospel, and second, it will drive your fears out of your heart. You see, the Bible teaches that fear and love cannot dwell together. You will either have a heart filled with God’s love, or a heart filled with irrational and sinful fear.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. (1 John 4:18)

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  1. Robert Mix

    You wrote a very nice, loving and thoughtful meditation on how to use the strength that Christ gives us if we go to Him. Not with fear, not with hate, but with love and trust in the Lord.

    Keeping in mind "Thy Will be done" and being as thoughtful and spiritual in the present as possible will yield a better you/me and a better world. Even for those of us not yet ready to pass the Good News on to others. "Spiritual progress" is my goal for now. We slow students, who started late, have much to learn.

    Thanks for a wonderful piece.

  2. singular

    I think none will disagree that we are born endowed with natural freedom by God though corrupt systems deny many that right. All will agree that we have the right to self defense if a criminal intent was to harm/murder us. There can be no argument about the reality that what is, in fact is, and Islam has in every instance where they became a majority in any country, past and present, imposed persecution on all other religious minorities. There is a clear record of the fact that the OT dispensation demonstrates the proper way to deal with NATIONS corrupt in their ways, that pose a threat to what is just, true and right.

    Is not Islam the very same type as the evil nations that sought to destroy the Isrealites, time and again, the very people God had chosen?

    Sad but true there are many who WILL ALWAYS REFUSE TO ACCEPT RIGHT AND INSTEAD CLING TO THEIR SIN AND EVIL, in process becoming a threat to others, and the enemy of God. (workers of iniquity)

    Yes one can follow the article here but there will still be those that only understand raw force, and will seek to over run decency with corruption on a single, group, or national basis.

    Do we let down our guard against evil nations, dissolve our armies, or offer peace at any price?

    History is the best and most accurate predicator of future conduct of any religion, group, or movement and we would be fools to ignore it when it comes to communists, fascists, and muslims.

    We have evil people in society, such as abortionists, homosexual activists, and other types who impose their evil bent on the rest of us, including vulnerable we stop our efforts to oppose them? No, we see them for what they are and fight as we are instructed by scriptures.

    Muslims are like the ordinary brand of human, born into sin, selfish, wicked and lost without God. Many choose to be that way and thus seal their doom, as well becoming instruments of destruction to any who would reject their religion.

    Looking at the present where Muslim members of parliament in European openly confess they are working to take over those nations, it would be foolish to disregard that clear intent for after they have/do become a majority, they will use their numbers to impose sharia law, all the while silencing dissenters by saying they accomplished their desires DEMOCRATICALLY.

    Were it my choice, I would bar any of them from entry to any free nation for they and their false religion is the enemy of justice, freedom, and ultimately of God. This is not being hard, or intolerant, it is just using common sense.

    1. admin

      Post author

      Thanks for the lengthy reply!
      What I am saying is that there are two aspects of responding to Islam / Muslims and there is a place for them both in their proper spheres.
      There must be a political response for a nation to deal with it as a threat to its security, etc.
      But there is also a Christian response where, as an individual Christian, I attempt by the grace of God to reach out as a witness to win them for Christ.
      These two responses are not contradictory, but both are to be practiced in their own sphere of influence. Is not the best way to defeat Islam to see Muslims turn to Christ by the thousands?
      Every nation must act appropriately for its own self-preservation and defence, whether by laws regarding immigration, or the defence of its citizens by military means.
      Every Christian must act appropriately by also seeing their neighbours of whatever ethnic or religious background as an eternal, never-dying soul that needs to hear the gospel.

      1. Bruce Ray

        I appreciate the tone of both your original post and then your reply to a lengthy response. The reply helped to clarify the distinction between a political response and a personal response to Islamic people in our midst. May our Lord give us wisdom and grace to be his ambassadors in this world!

  3. singular

    You are correct yet there will be many more of them who will embrace the viper of Islam to their breast and few who will accept the one and only true way to salvation by the ONLY TRUE Savior, Jesus the Son of the living God. Those words would seal my death in muslim nations today but they are true. Some things are worth dying for and we may yet, taste of death if we refuse to deny Jesus and profess false gods like mohammed as the way to salvation.

    Mohammed is rotting in his grave as is Charles Tas Russell, Joseph Smith, Buddha, Krishna, and all the other imposters while Jesus is alive.

    1. I do not disagree with you in understanding what Islam is. There
      is nothing good about a quasi-religious system that aims to proselytise/convert by whatever means it deems expedient. From a political standpoint, the West would have done far better to have barred Islamists from our shores. But regrettably, it is far too late to adopt that tack.

      From a personal approach though, I must agree with Admin. and strike a balance between being cautious in our evangelistic approach with Muslims but to nonetheless, evangelize them just the same. We cannot pick and choose who we share Christ with. The Great Commission was given to the Apostles to reach all nations (and that would include faiths, creeds). In type, we are charged to be apostolic (or missional) as were those who prayed for Divine empowerment in the upper room just prior to the Day of Pentecost.

      Among the millions who espouse Islam, there are those whom God has foreknown and predestinated to enter the Kingdom of God. It is our solemn responsibility to pray that God will give us the direction and provide us cut-and-dried opportunities in the leading of the Holy Spirit, to share Jesus Christ with those around us. And it may be that God will lead some of us to witness to Muslims. We can hardly then refuse.

  4. Too little -- maybe too late. The congregation of this Lutheran cathedral in Speyer, Germany did not suddenly rationalize that peace would come through inter-faith dialogue and the acceptance of other religions. They were seduced by the ecumenists decades ago and in so doing, the Holy Spirit left them to carry out these kinds of abominations. It's akin to erecting the idols of Dan and Bethel (the sins of Jeroboam), of erecting the groves and high places of worship -- a stench in God's nostrils and the focus of His eventual outpouring in wrath. If only the churches whose candlesticks are on the verge of being extinguished (see Rev. 2:5) would finally wake up and completely break company with the Great Whore Church.

  5. Jack L. Waters

    I firmly believe that common sense must be to the fore, our witness must been seen long before we open our mouths. in most cases we are dealing with people who have been brain washed , both young and older, by false so called clerics and do not know the whole truth concerning their way of life and the person they follow after. I firmly believe that there is no such a person as a moderate Muslim, because to be so they would be dealt with by the fanatics who at present rule. In the end God will be the final judge, my part is to be faithful to Him and He will open up the opportunities to be a witness to the truth, because it will set (them) free.

  6. singular

    This is a difficult topic to address, I realize that and to understand better, God by example deals with three distinct classes of all people in different ways. He sees us as being in one of three categories...saved, unsaved and workers of iniquity.

    I correlate a worker of iniquity as defined by someone knowing the Truth but working against it. God HATES the worker of iniquity and that category has already been left to their own evil devices unto eternal condemnation and includes many homosexual activists, abortion activists, cult leaders and practitioners, and NWO members.

    I have no love at all for that category of people, the selfish dregs of society who would tear innocent unborn babies to pieces, teach death styles in schools, traffic in people, push pornography, and take part in many other evils that exist because of the selfish love of the damned dollar which is their God.

    I see the site owner here is a righteous and True man of God, one whose spirituality I place a greater faith in than my own. I intend no disrespect at all and admire him for his willingness to address such a subject.


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