The Error of Feeling-Based Worship

While preaching from 1 Corinthians 5:1, Alistair Begg gives an account of an experience attending a church where the focus by the "worship team" is on feelings, and not the truths of God's Word.

So many churches and professing Christians are placing the emphasis on feelings today, and the timeless, changeless truths of God's Word are relegated to 2nd or 3rd place (or even lower). The Christian does not rest his or her assurance on how they feel about God, but on what God says about them in His Word!

How sad that so many Christians who really and sincerely desire to worship and serve the Lord, are being led astray by false teachers presenting a false gospel in which their listeners are being encouraged to "trust their feelings" rather than trust God and His Word.

There's some humour in this, but the message is serious. Very serious.

4 thoughts on “The Error of Feeling-Based Worship

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    Emotion may be present in salvation but salvation is an act of the will both given as a promise and although received with gratitude and humility, an absolute act of faith in Jesus the Son of the living God, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

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      Of course salvation has an emotional component to it, but "salvation is of the Lord" and is an act whereby God, through His power of His Holy Spirit first convicts sinners of their sin and then creates faith within their soul, causing them to look to Christ and away from every other hope; and regenerates them through power of His grace. Our worship of God must never be focused on us, but on Him. True worship is all about the Lord, and not how someone 'feels' about the Lord.

  2. The historical record of revivals in the English-speaking world is replete with references to the agonizing of the soul -- to the extent that not only the unconverted but the saved as well are brought face-to-face with their sin issues, prompting repentance and deliverance/healing. These accounts give little or no details regarding " feel good" worship." Feeling good in the mindset of a hardening heart is not what God desires to generate in and through our worship. We are challenged to be brought to the place where we extend worship to God for His holiness and within a sincere desire to be freed from our sin issues as per 2 Cor. 7:10,11. When God grants us freedom from a besetting sin we can then rejoice and feel good about what He has done but surely, giving Him all the glory. We note from Rev. 4:10,11 that the four and twenty elders fall down before Him and cast their crowns before the throne.
    Our proper worship should never focus on what we can do to make ourselves feel good but rather, on how to glorify God. It's all about Him -- never ourselves.

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    The realization that one is but wretched and unclean before the thrice holy God brings one to a place of acceptance that one merits naught but death, judgment and damnation. Meditating and confessing this openly to God along with the gratitude for salvation provided by the One and Only true God fills the bill for what God desires and blesses in man, that being gratitude, and humility.


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